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ComNet International Services

ComNet International works hard to deliver to every client that we do business with. Our translation services are not limited to what we have listed on your website. Our extensive experience in the translation field combined with our desire to deliver professional results is what makes us your source for all translation needs. If you require a custom solution, please feel free to contact us directly or submit a translation quote and we will reply the next business day.


ComNet's translation experts and linguists in the United States and over seas follow strict procedures and a customized approach to insure quality and accuracy for every translation. Whether the subject matter is technical, legal, medical, or promotional, ComNet has the specialized team to tackle the project. Our translators not only possess an in-depth knowledge of the target language and culture, but also a proven competence in specific fields of knowledge, science and technology. They keep themselves abreast of the latest technological advances so they can translate your documentation with impact. Every translation goes through a multi-step production and quality control process. Every aspect of the translation is checked for accuracy, readability, appearance and completeness. We can help you AVOID error-riddled, poor quality translations that bring into question the quality of the product itself. Quality control from start to finish!

Software & Hardware Documentation

If you are looking to translate a user interface for a software application or a detailed installation manual for a piece of electronics, ComNet International has the translators, expertise and the tools to complete the job with consistency, accuracy, and without disturbing the codes. ComNet International utilizes state-of-the-art translation management tools such as Trados, Dejavu and SDLX to ensure consistency and eliminate costly rework.
Multilingual Desktop Services

In addition to being the reliable technical, scientific, and legal translation source for hundreds of clients, we provide affordable formatting and design services in most programs and languages. Our objective is to become a direct extension of our international clients in providing comprehensive translation, globalization, desktop and printing services. If you need assistance (MAC or PC) in QuarkXPress, PageMaker, PowerPoint, InDesign, Illustrator, FreeHand, MS Word, etc. in Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or any Latin based language, ComNet International can help you at competitive rates.
Web Globalization

Today, with the help of Unicode standard and multilingual support in HTML and XML, using passages in different alphabets such as English, Russian and Chinese on the world wide web is no longer a challenge. Still, globalization of a web site is more than addressing the issue of character encoding to be effective internationally. For example, a reference to pop culture, measurement or currency most likely will not be understood by the targeted segment. The use of the wrong layout, offensive colors or the use of dialogue boxes that will not match the standard format in a particular targeted country might be a turnoff. We can help you provide the right service to your clients by globalizing your online presence in any language.
Internationalization & Project Management

ComNet International has been serving the international business community for more than three decades. We have been behind many of the successful internationalization projects by providing assistance in reconfiguring the development and marketing of a product in non-native environments, such as other nations and cultures. We can provide support for ensuring cultural appropriateness, layout design suitability, source code adaptation, and much more.